Congratulations on your recent decision to become a Christ-follower.

Your pastor is part of a network of ministers and churches that collaborate to create and share resources for spiritual growth. They have created this resource to help you take the first steps in your spiritual journey.

We know you may have a few questions about your new walk with Jesus and we want to help you through the first 30 days of your new journey. All you need to do is click the drop-down link under each day below and listen to the 8-10 minute audio message for that day. If you would rather read them as an ebook you can find that below as well.

Don't forget your church and pastor are there to help and support you in this exciting new chapter of your life.

Day 2: What Just Happened?

Day 3: Reassurance Insurance

Day 4: Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Day 5: How to Grow Spiritually

Day 6: Why the Bible Is Important

Day 7: An Overview of the Bible

Day 8: How to Read the Bible

Day 9: A Simple Way to Pray

Day 10: Sin-Malware of the Soul

Day 11: Overcoming Temptation

Day 12: What If I Sin?

Day 13: Is Church Important?

Day 14: Getting the Most Out of Church

Day 15: Why Should I Tell People?

Day 16: What's the Good News?

Day 17: How to Share Your Faith

Day 18: The Holy Spirit

Day 19: God's "X-Factor"

Day 20: Is God Still Supernatural?

Day 21: Your Supernatural Download

Day 22: Why Serve Others?

Day 23: Loving Our World

Day 24: Generosity

Day 25: Doubting Doubt-Tough Questions of Faith

Day 26: How Will It All End?

Day 27: Heaven and Hell-Location, Location, Location!

Day 28: Baptism-Why It's Important

Day 29: Communion-The Flag of Our Faith

Day 30: Lordship-Faith Isn't a Hobby

eBook: Beginning The Journey (pdf file)

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